Texel ewe with lamb at footThe top quality Texel rams currently being bred on the farm are the product of a sophisticated performance recording programme and a testimony to the selection against disease policy we adopt not just with our Texels but with all our stock.

Since 2009 we have been making use of FEC (Faecal Egg Count) to test the need for drenching and for the efficacy of various drench groups as well as sampling all ram lambs intended for breeding and consequently our stock show significant resistance to internal parasites.  In addition we select for resilience to worm challenges by maintaining fast growth rates and reduced levels of dagginess.

TexelFurther more, before the inception of the NSP (National Scrapie Plan) we test all our stock rams for genetic resistance to Scrapie.  Our flock could now be described as totally resistant, since all our females are either type 1 or type 2 for scrapie resistance and for the last six years we have only used type 1 rams.

Coming from a commercial background, we look to produce  pedigree animals which  perform well above average for growth rate and carcass traits, but equally importantly, they must be able to survive, thrive and perform fed solely on grass with only minimal strategic cereal supplementation.


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