The Suffolks produced on our farm are truly ‘Fit for Purpose’ and perfectly illustrate our philosophy for selling ‘Genetics not Cosmetics’

We are fully committed to performance recording through Signet, but firmly believe that we need to move on even further. The Suffolk of the future must be able to thrive on an all grass diet, have an ability to resist worm challenges, and be quick to their feet to suckle following an easy natural unassisted delivery, whilst still have very fast growth rates and really good carcasses.

Over the last six years we have been introducing some New Zealand blood into our Suffolks and recording the effect on ease of birth and lamb vigour and their ability to perform solely off grass. We are also recording dag scores and making good progress with reducing the dagginess of rams reared on an all grass diet.

We are continuing to measure and select for worm resistance, and can now offer shearling rams who had low Faecal Egg Counts (FEC) themselves when measured as ram lambs. Combined with information on close relatives, selected now for several years, these same rams pass this trait on to their offspring. (The EBV’s for FEC are included on the list of rams attached. A negative EBV indicates an inherited resistance to worms).

Click here for a full list of our current 2019 Suffolk Shearling Rams for sale.