Weir Park Farm


Welcome to our website. We hope you’ll find the content of interest together with the information you’re searching for. If you would like to know more about our breeding system and our Exlana, Suffolk, SufTex or Texel stock do ring 01647 252549, or email You may prefer to leave a message on our Contact Page – we respond to every enquiry as soon as possible.

Our message and ‘Genetics, not Cosmetics’ ethos is simple – we’re in this business for the long term and believe that the future of the sheep industry lies in producing genetically superior, high health status stock, capable of thriving on grass alone.  We only sell breeding stock direct from our farm, and have been doing so now for over 20 years, what you see are animals in their ‘working clothes’ – there is no pre-sale pampering and we’re proud of that.”

Peter and Louise Baber