Rearing the Exlana rams entirely on a grass diet, ensures that we are producing rams with good longevity, high libido and fertility which produce more profitable lambs better able to thrive on all grass diets.

We are using this same breeding strategy across all our flocks, Suffolks, Texels and Exlanas, although the Exlana focuses on different traits, mainly minimal intervention in terms of management and during outdoor lambing and maximum ability to be fully shedding.   The Exlana has made enormous progress, attracting huge recognition and is now a stand-alone high performance, efficient, fully shedding maternal breed of sheep.



Exlanas Keep calm and Carry On !  With the recent announcement that Builth has been cancelled, Covid 19 is causing disruption to so many farming events and  livestock sales. It’s welcome news therefore to be able to promote the  6th Annual Exlana  Elite Ram Sale  going ahead in August.  This year will be a mix of a traditional sale ( kindly conducted by our auctioneer  Kevin Bateman )  coupled with live on-line web cam bidding,  supported by  sellmylivestock.com  – click here to Log in or Register or ring Exlana SIG group member Peter Baber 01647 252549 / 07967595098  for further information the Exlana – The Breed and Elite Ram Sale.




Exlana Elite Ram Sale – 4th August 2020   All those purchasing or hoping to purchase must Register or Log In BEFORE the sale. Stay updated with our Facebook page  @exlanasheep