Suffolk Texel SufTex  Exlana

The stock we produce, are sold directly from our farm, and have a reputation for their ability to perform in a broad range of farming systems. The rams are bred to be fit for purpose in every way. They are healthy and fertile having been reared naturally on grass; they are recorded and selected for their ability to perform on grass alone and so produce lambs which also have the genetic potential for fast growth rate and superior carcass traits, all off grass. They will also produce offspring which themselves will be better able to resist intestinal worm challenges, whilst reducing the need to rely on the use of anthelmintic therapies which themselves are becoming increasingly less effective as levels of anthelmintic resistance rise.

Coming from a commercial background, the pedigree animals which we breed must be well above average for growth rate and carcass traits, but equally importantly, they must be able to survive, thrive and perform on grass with only minimal strategic cereal supplementation. We believe that the levels of cereal supplementation required to produce rams which will compete in the show ring or the major ram sales are not only detrimental to the ram future health and fertility but also tend to select for the wrong attributes.

We have run a virtually closed flock for the last 20 years. Most new blood has actually been introduced via AI. Any new breeding stock which have been introduced, have been isolated and quarantined for up to 12 months.