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Top Ram in Ram Compare
We have now supplied AHDB with four rams for the RamCOMPARE Project and had a tremendous success last November when the first set of results were announced at the Sheep Breeders Roundtable. Indeed, the top ram in the project so far, is the first ram we supplied to Ram Compare. He was used in our flock as a ram lamb and we hope to use some of his semen again this year. We were also pleased to hear that the 2nd highest rated ram in the project is one of the rams we have used in both the last two years through AI. Such a result is enormously satisfying and gives us the confidence that we are making the ‘right decisions’ for ourselves as breeders and within the wider industry.
Easily said perhaps, but this year we feel, more passionately than ever, that our breeding strategy is producing unquestionable evidence that we are consistently producing rams which will deliver more profit for our customers. We always strive to maintain the highest levels of biosecurity to ensure our rams have the best possible health status, thus reducing the risk of buying in disease. Rearing the rams entirely on a grass diet, we are producing rams with good longevity, high libido and fertility. We are using this same breeding strategy with both the terminal sires and the Exlanas, although focusing on very different traits. In fact, we think the progress made over the last 15 years with the Exlanas is huge and is now producing a very high performance efficient fully shedding maternal breed of sheep.
So where are we now and how far have we come? Well, having these last couple of weeks finally collected and amalgamated a host of data recorded across our flock throughout the year, analysed independently by Signet, the figures show our rams have outstanding performance figures. You’ll see again this year, we have highlighted the rams which are in the top 5% of their breed, with a green background. Results from CT scanning, ultrasound back fat scanning, 8-week weighing, and recording data at lambing gives us huge confidence in the high-quality rams we offer for sale. We’ve always maintained our business is dependent on the success of yours and this year is no exception, we hope that you can ‘invest and improve’ the productivity and more importantly the profitability of your flock.
Signet figures just published show a considerable step forward for us this year – of the 60 rams we shall be selling, 50 are in the top 5% in the country, with almost every other ram in the top 10%. We’re delighted with such progress. ‘This advancement proves, should breeders need any further convincing, that accurate performance recording pays dividends and if the breeding strategy is ‘right’, producers can expect enormously rewarding results’.
We had a great day at this year’s Sheep Event in Malvern on the 18th July. We exhibited some rams, sold a few but most importantly we caught up with many customers and met some potential new ones. It was great to hear how well our rams have fared and talk about our new developments.
With Brexit seldom out of our news, the message from politicians and free trade negotiators is ‘invest in the industry’ focusing on ‘detail and good management’, suggesting we enhance what we already have and looking to invest in what we don’t. The theme of the NSA Sheep Event in July was equally suggesting we play to our strengths – ‘Thriving in An Uncertain future’ said CEO Phil Stocker meaning that survival in these turbulent times will require making ‘right decisions’ and ‘right actions’.
Next Exlana Ram Sale – 8th August – Now in its 5th year, the Exlana Ram Sale will once again be held at Ayshford Barns, Junction 27 off M5 EX16 7HL. Starting at 10.30 am. Interest in Rams for sale at the event is growing fast – figures will be released mid July – do ring us to register your interest ahead of the sale to avoid disappointment. More Information on the 2018 Exlana Ram Sale

Open Evening– AHDB Ram Selection & Breeding  – 14th August. 6.30pm start at Ayshford Barns, Junction 27 off M5 EX16 7HL. The focus of the evening will be how to get Better Returns from using Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs). With reference on how to turn a ram cost into a ram profit Please Contact Us or register with AHDB if you would like to come.
Louise and Peter Baber – July 2018