News, Open Days and Events

‘Top News’ 

We have now supplied AHDB with five rams since the launch of the  RamCOMPARE Project and have made tremendous progress.  When the first set of results were announced at the Sheep Breeders Roundtable the top ram in the project was the first ram we supplied to Ram Compare. He was used in our flock as a ram lamb and have used some of his semen since. We were also pleased to hear that the 2nd highest rated ram in that  project was one of the rams we have used in both the last two years through AI. Such a result is enormously satisfying and gives us the confidence that we are making the ‘right decisions’ for ourselves as breeders and within the wider industry.

Ram Sale News

The current  lists of Texel and Suffolk Shearling rams for sale are posted on the respective Ram pages.  The SufTex rams are included in the Suffolk list as they are all directly comparable to the Suffolks within the same valuation.

Next Exlana Ram Sale

We enjoyed attending several regional NSA events this year and will once again be holding another Exlana Ram Sale in August.  The 2019 Exlana Ram Sale will be held on Tuesday August 6th and we expect to have about 70 rams with exceptional genetics that are the result of many years of ongoing recording and harsh selection. All animals are of course presented in their ‘’working clothes’’ straight from the field –we don’t disguise or ‘’pretty up’’ sheep with artificial colouring or trimming. SIG has a hard-earned reputation for producing sheep that go away and do ‘what it says on the tin’.  Venue Ayshford Barns , Westleigh, Junction 27 on the M5.

The list of Rams for sale will be posted soon on our Exlana Ram page or Contact Us  (01647 252549)  for information about the sale day.