Consultancy page 2Whilst fully committed to my own farm and its future, I also offer on-farm advice on sheep management and general farm business to individual farmers.  In addition I represent and advise numerous bodies within the sheep industry.

Current Positions:

  • Chair of SCOPS (Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep)
  • Chair of English Sheep Health and Welfare Group (SHWG)
  • Chair of Premier Suffolk Breeders
  • Chair of Health and Welfare Committee of NSA
  • Member of Biosciences KTN Research and Development Committee
  • Member of FAnGR NSC
  • Member of SAC Consultative Committee on Profitable and Sustainable Agriculture
  • Member of MSW (Meat South West)
  • Member of Premier Suffolk Breeders (previously the Suffolk Sire Reference Scheme),
  • Sheep Improved Genetics (SIG).We also regularly host discussion days and farm walks on the farm.

Selected to attend the Rural Leadership Programme – organised by the Worshipful Fellowship of Farmers in association with Duchy College, University of Plymouth   – November 2010


Use and Applications for EID, EDB’s and EDT in a Progressive Sheep Industry. Wales. October  2010.

Demonstration on the Integration of Performance Recording and Use of EID and EDB’s in Sheep Production.  Canada. July  2010

Presented a paper to the Alberta Lamb Traceability Project  Canada. July 2010

Use and Applications for EID and EDB’s in Practical Sheep Farming Businesses .  UK. November and December 2009.

Industry Positions Previously Held (National):

  • National Chairman – NSA (2002-2006)
  • Chair of SAMB (Semen Archive Management Board)
  • Chair of GB Industry Steering Group on proposed Sheep Scab Eradication Program
  • Chair of Defra Sheep Health Planning Steering Group
  • Member of SAC Hill Sheep Project Stakeholders Group (Discussing the potential use of
  • CT in Hill Sheep Breeding)
  • Member of Defra Sheep and Goats TSE’s Stakeholder Group
  • Member of Scrapie Information Group & High Level TSE Steering Group.
  • Member of Signet Sheep Breeder Advisory Group
  • Invited member of MLC ‘Think Tank’ Group – Brief – to produce advisory leaflet to the sheep industry (Seeing the Winter Through) in autumn 1998

Industry Positions Previously Held (Regional):

  • Member of Lloyd Maunder Producer Group
  • Chairman NSA South West Regional Committee (1998 – 2002)
  • Member of local NFU LFA Forum
  • Member of Cornish Red Meat Study Group
  • I have participated in the South West Livestock Project, the Parasol Project, and various other on-farm trials for commercial companies.

Examples of Formal Speaking Engagements:

  • Sheep Breeder Round Table (Nov 02, Breeding for Scrapie resistance)
  • Launch of the Defra Animal Health & Welfare Strategy, (July 04, SCOPS)
  • Defra TSE Stakeholder Group (Oct 04, Dealing with Scrapie)
  • SVS CPD Conference (Nov 05, Sheep Scab)
  • Great Britain Animal Health and Welfare Strategy Conference (Feb 06 SCOPS)
  • Scottish Animal Health and Welfare Conference (Nov 06, Scrapie)
  • SVS CPD Conference (Sept 07, Farm Health Planning)
  • Sheep Breeders Round Table (Nov 07, Sheep Breeding)
  • Alberta Sheep Symposium (Nov 07, Parasite Control Strategies & Sheep Breeding)
  • Canadian Sheep Federation (Nov 07 Electronic Recording Systems and Performance Recording)
  • HCC & Eblex (Feb-Nov 08 Profitable sheep production training days)
  • EIG (Mar 07 & Sept 08 Report to EIG as Chair of SHWC)

Immediately after graduating, I became a Dairy Cattle specialist with ADAS, advising on breeding and general management of dairy cows. The MSc in Beef Production from Newcastle University was a research project. The work focussed on the effects of breed and management on profitability of beef production systems and the commercial value of beef carcasses using bull calves from the dairy herd, following the introduction of the Canadian Holstein.

Before opting to go farming,  I spent 3 years on a world study tour including New Zealand, Australia, and parts of South America and South East Asia.