Breeding Ewes

‘GENETICS not Cosmetics’ is the bottom line that underpins our sheep breeding business and we are committed to this ethos.

Each of the Suffolk, Texel, SufTex and Exlana breeds are managed with the same fine attention to detail with Performance Recording playing a large part in determining breeding strategy. As a former National Sheep Association Chairman, and Farmer’s Weekly ‘Sheep Farmer of the Year’, Peter has played a major part in driving progressive attitudes within the industry but has witnessed all too often breeders defaulting to traditional methods of identifying value and worth.

We’ve come a long way in 30 years and are hugely proud of our successes.

Within our Suffolk flock – one of our ewelambs is currently the top sheep ever in the Suffolk evaluation, and in the 2019-born lambs there are currently 12 animals with indexes of over 400, of which seven were bred in our flock.

Within our Texels: one of our home bred ram lambs (UK 0 3639455 09464) is one of the highest indexed stock rams in the breed.

Our SufTex breed continues to do extremely well in popularity, combining the best of both breeds in a top performance animal.

The Exlana has almost surpassed all expectations in performance and has a huge following for those looking for an animal requiring significantly less human intervention, produces rams with good longevity, high libido and fertility and a more profitable, fully shedding lamb better able to thrive on all grass diets.

It’s been quite a ride but we’re in this for the long term and have no reason to doubt our animals will continue to lead the way in Performance Recording.