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Baber Ewe lamb Top of Suffolk Evaluation !  Exlana Ram Sale Keeps Calm and Carries On ! 

Like everyone across all industries, we are operating in extraordinary times and undoubtedly the full consequences of COVID-19 on our sheep businesses is yet to fully materialise. However, whatever the changes ahead, the essence of our sheep breeding philosophy remains unchanged, to produce high performance, fit and fertile rams, with high libido  which thrive on an all grass diet.
As you’ll read in our July 2021 Newsletter, currently one of our
ewe lambs (UK 0 3639455 09547) is the top sheep ever in the Suffolk evaluation, and in the 2019-born lambs there are currently 12 animals with indexes of over 400, of which seven were bred in our flock. We have bred the top 3 Stock Sires in the Suffolk evaluation, and within the Texel breed, one of our home bred ram lambs (UK 0 3639455 09464) is one of the highest indexed stock rams in the breed.

For the last 15-20 years we have been recording and selecting for ease of lambing and lamb vigour in all our breeds with a view to lambing all our ewes outdoors. The Exlanas have always lambed outdoors and over the last few years we are now lambing most of the Suffolks and Texels outdoors as well, including the ewe lambs lambing at 12 months old. Both 9547 (the highest Index ewe lamb) and her twin sister 9548 lambed this year, as a ewe lambs, outdoors.

We have now supplied 6 rams into the project, and this helps to underpin the accuracy of the BLUP evaluation of our rams. We were thrilled when our ram held the top overall ranking position in the first run of the Ram Compare Project and four years later is still near the top of the list. Once again, we are delighted with our performance figures of the rams we have on offer this year and of our lambs born in 2020.

Below are the current  lists of Texel and Suffolk Shearling rams for sale this year.  The SufTex rams are included in the Suffolk list as they are all directly comparable to the Suffolks within the same valuation and will be posted soon.

Texel Shearlings 2022                                                                           Suffolk Shearlings 2022

Exlana Ram Sale Keeps Calm and Carries On! 3rd August 2021  It’s welcome news to be able to promote the  7th Annual Exlana Ram Sale  going ahead.  This year will be a mix of a traditional sale ( kindly conducted by our auctioneer Kevin Bateman )  coupled with live on-line web cam bidding,  supported by– to register ring Exlana SIG group members Peter Baber 01647 252549 / 07967595098 or Tim White 01985 845063 / 07880983593 for further information about this year’s sale.

All animals are of course presented in their working clothes straight from the field we don’t disguise or pretty up sheep with artificial colouring or trimming.

Venue Ayshford Barns , Westleigh, Junction 27 on the M5.

Contact Us  (01647 252549)  for information about the sale day.

With the ongoing current restrictions those wanting to purchase at the sale must Log In beforehand.