About Us

We are a family run farm, with some 1,100 Texel, Suffolk, SufTex and Exlana sheep, on the edge of Dartmoor National Park, in Devon.  

Performance recording is at the heart of our breeding maxim, promoting Genetics not Cosmetics and our aim is to consistently produce ‘fit for purpose’ rams which will deliver more profit. We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of bio security ensuring our rams have the best possible health status, helping to keep our flock, and our customers’ flocks, healthy and productive. Rearing the rams entirely on a grass diet, ensures that we are producing rams with good longevity, high libido and fertility which produce more profitable lambs better able to thrive on all grass diets.

We’ve always maintained our business is dependent on the success of yours ,we hope the progress we continue to make will convince you to invest in our rams and improve your productivity too and more importantly, the profitability of your flock.